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Sending Good morning quotes to contacts early morning is becoming a trend now. Quotes are few words from famous people speech or text written by them and these lines have the power to change our mind and life if we start implementing them in our daily routine. Morning is the new start of a fresh day and we want to make it more meaningful for our loved once by sending the morning quotes. Have a look at the motivational quotes with images below and share with your people’s if you like.

good morning quote

Lose an hour in the Morning,
and You will spend all day Looking for it.
– Richard Whately.

motivational quote morning

“Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of the bed in the morning.”

Good morning quotes

Sending a positive quote to someone in morning is much better than just wish them with an image or a simple good morning text. If we are greeting somebody, why not to greet them with something meaningful. Quotes always have some meaning hidden in their words, that teach us and give us some learning of life.  we are sharing here some of the best pictures of quote. Do share with your relatives and friends in morning.

good morning quote

The Happiness of your life depends
upon the quality of your work. Good Morning

morning quote

Each Morning we are born Again.
What we do today is what matters most.

good morning

Be Happy for the moment. 
This moment is your life. Good Morning

Good morning quotes

Don’t Stress over things, You can’t control. Good Morning.

best morning message

If you are thankful and grateful
every morning as you woke up,
Happiness would come out within You.

good morning positive quote

Never Stop believing in hope,
Because miracle happens everyday. Have a good day.

morning quote

Focus on the Good. Have a Good Day. Good Morning.

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