5 ways to earn money online by working from home

What can be more relaxing than working from home and earn money. Here we are going to tell you 7 new and amazing ways to earn money online from home and that too with small investment.

There are millions of people who go to office daily and work hard for 9 to 10 hours and they get get salary less than they deserve. Thousands of people have to migrate from their hometown to new city for job. It’s not easy to get settled down in a new city away from home and most of the people move to another place unwillingly, but they have no choice.

What if we tell you that you too can be your own boss and start earn money without having worried about boss and targets. Yes it’s possible for everyone. There are thousands of people who make money working from home. Find out below

Earn money online- work from home.

 Surveys :- There are authentic websites who pay you for reviewing their products. All you have to do is create an account on these websites, update your bank account details and start sharing your experience and behavior towards any product or services. And according to your answers and survey value, you will get paid. swagbucks and Mysurveys are big paid surveys website who pay you for sharing your thoughts.

Data Entry:- This work doesn’t require much knowledge and you don’t have to be efficient in anything. Just basic excel knowledge and you can earn upto 10 dollars for filling up an excel file. Companies who don’t’ have time and man power hire people from outside to list their data in excel or other files. For this you don’t have to put your mind into this. whatever information they will provide, you have to fill as it is in excel file.

Youtube:-  You can learn to make videos easily, it’s not a rocket science. Today everybody have a smartphone with high camera quality. Either you can record a video or create by texts and photos using a video editor. And upload on you tube. Google will put advertisement on your videos and you will get paid. Many people are earning money through You tube Monetization program. If you are a good cook and know how to cook new dishes, you can create a video of making a dish and upload on youtube. Nisha Madhulikar and other cook are earning decent amount of money by doing this.

Amazon Seller:- If you know any product dealer or supplier, you can contact them and start selling their products on Amazon.  ask them their complete catalogue and products pictures and rates and upload them on amazon. There are million of customers buy something everyday from amazon. And the listed sellers are earning enough money from this website.

Blog:- If you have good knowledge in any particular field, you can start a tutorial blog. There are lot of users always in quench of information online. If you are good at technology, share your experience and inforamtion about IT industry and new products coming up. This field has a huge potential to earn money from advertisements and through products review.



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