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Before we settle down to write Attitude status for whatsapp for you. Let’s first understand it. Attitude is the general reaction of a person towards anything, On the basis of which he evaluates the things in life.  Your attitude reflects how to thing, how do you behave or react to different situations. Everybody can have different attitude, Negative or positive. It is a psychological knowledge, according to which a man behaves and sense things. It’s saying that attitude is everything, it can make you or it can brake you. If you have a positive attitude, chances that you will be happy and successful are much higher than the person with negative or destructive attitude. If you are having a positive and high attitude, you may want to show it off by updating strong and influential status and flaunt about it.  Find below attitude status in hindi and English combined with images. Feel free to download images or copy text and update your status.


attitude status pic

मेरा वक़्त क़यामत की तरह है,
याद रखना! आएगा जरूर।

attitude status in hnidi

गुमान ना कर अपने दिमाग पे, मेरे दोस्त;
जितना तेरा दिमाग है, उतना दिमाग तो
मेरा खराब रहता है।

Love Attitude

love attitude status

I am a good enough person
to forgive you.
But not stupid enough to
trust you again.

single status

Being single is better than,
being in a wrong relationship.

love attitude

फर्क तो अपनी अपनी सोच में है जनाब,
वर्ना दोस्ती भी मोहब्बत से कम नहीं होती।

love attitude

छोड़ दिया है हमने उसका दीदार करना,
जिसे मोहब्बत की कदर ना हो,
उससे क्या प्यार करना।

Attitude Status

Attitude can be of three types- positive, Negative and neutral. People with positive attitude see Good in every situation. They are optimistic, sincere, confident and happy. While Negative attitude reflects Anger, Dissatisfaction, Ignorance, jealousy, frustration kind of traits of a person. Having a positive attitude is a must to stay happy, satisfied and successful. Now let’s talk about people with neutral attitude. This type of people don’t think much about any situation, Neither they take tension nor any responsibility. They are not emotional and doesn’t get influenced by anyone or anything quickly.

attitude status hindi

मुश्किलों से कह दो, हमसे दूर ही रहे ;
हमे हर हालात में, जीने का हुनर आता है।

best attitude status

राज तो हमारा हर जगह पर है,
पसंद करने वालों के दिल में, और
नापसंद करने वालों के दिमाग में

We have tried our best to provide you best status on attitude, tell us in comment, how did you like it and keep visiting this website as we update this post on regular basis.

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