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If you use whatsapp, you must be familiar with the term video status. Earlier every user used to update their status with images or text, But now people update their story with status videos. There are umpteen whatsapp videos available on the internet, Everyday millions of video shared on social media, which people download and reuse. Today we bring for you best video status for whatsapp along with download option. Watch these new entertaining videos and create a new story daily. Go directly to Videos

Status video, Download whatsapp videos

Find new videos in this post, watch them and download in your device. Send to your contacts or upload as your story. Ever since using internet becomes cheap in India (thanks to Jio) The consumption of videos increased dramatically. People now prefer watching more videos than viewing photos or reading texts. which results in millions of view increased on youtube and other video sharing websites, and whatsapp is not untouched to this fact. Instead of sharing simple image, people prefer sharing video contact over whatsapp and other social platforms.

 Khud se hi hai Shikayat.. apne haatho hai badli, humne apni hi kismat. 
Genre: Sad and Love mix
Duration : 57 Seconds

Bahut pyar karte hai tumko sanam.
Genre: Real Love
Duration: 47 Seconds

This is the most beautiful video to put as your whatsapp story, it is a lovely video with soothing and melodious music, featuring a adorable girl and a boy starting her from his car window. When a car splash water through it’s running tires, The lady cover the children through her dupatta, This act will really wins your heart.

Tere baare mein na sochu aisi raat nahi hai, par tu tode dil mera teri aukaat nahi.
Genre: Attitude and Love mix
Duration: 33 Seconds

This is a love video, if you are looking for something full of love feelings, this video is perhaps for you. There is few minutes romance between a couple while the ‘ hona hai tujh me fana’ song running in the background.

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Download videos for whatsapp status

How to download whatsapp status? There are many users looking for its answer. However there are many mobile applications available on the google play store, which can be downloaded in your mobile. Once you install them into your device, you have to give permission to the app to access your whatsapp, then you can easily download your friends status into your own device with just one click.

But do you know that when you watch your friends status, these are automatically save in your mobile’s whatsapp folder. Just find this folder in your file manager,  your your information, All the files are hidden and you have to manually remove the hidden option to watch everything you have accessed in your messaging app.

A message to Lover with cute background music.
Genre: Love
Duration: 32 Seconds

Video contains sad lines, if you are looking to share your heart broken feelings to someone through your video status, this video is recommended to you. first watch and only if you like it then download it through the link mentioned below the video.

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We have tried to share short yet best video status for you along with the download link below each video. We hope you may like these above posted content.  We will soon add more interesting and entertaining video in this post.

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