Kisi aur ko tu chahe, kisi aur ko tu soche..

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This is seriously one of the best heart broken videos, The video visuals really touches our heart and if you have ever love someone, then only you can understand the feeling which is shown through this video. How it feels when you love someone and your crush stays with someone else and make love with him in front of you. This hard feeling is very hard to digest. You will realize when you watch this short video. If you wish to show this feeling to someone else than only you should update your status with this short heart broken video.

The song in this video speaks a lot about the hard feeling, the lyrics ‘kisi aur ko tu chahe kisi aur ko tu soche, is dil ko ye gawara nahi’ really touches heart and connect with our real situation. the lyrics meaning is if your partner love someone else and want to say with him, it is not at all acceptable by your heart.  which tell that the person really love his partner and don’t’ want to leave her in any ways not wants to let her go to someone else. This video can be a great status for today, if you want to show your pain to your close one.

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