30 seconds clip, tujhse naaraj nahi zindgi, hairaan hun main..


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This is called the actual video status, No clip from any movie or album were taken in this video, but still it take all your attention and remind you of your true love. above short video can be used as a sad status for your next whatsapp story or whenever you feel low.  There is nothing in this video but animation and cute yet sad pictures of characters. but the song running in the background make up for the missing real visuals. if you are watching this video, make sure you listen to it’s music, because the lyrics touches your soul. there is a line in the song-  muskuraau to muskurane ke karj utaarne honge has a very emotional meaning hidden. It means if i ever smile, i have to pay for that smile later, mean to say there are so many trouble and problems in my destiny that if ever i wish to be happy and dare to smile, I have to compensate for that smile with something bad.

Overall if you want to set your whatsapp story with some sad video status at night. This could be one of the good choice for the day. But make sure you don’t select everyone as who can see your status. Rather than allowing everyone, select only few contact who can view your this story.

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