Happy Fathers day – Read fathers day wishes, quotes, status and shayari with images

World is going to celebrate Father’s day on Sunday, 17 June 2018. The day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June month and is dedicated to all Fathers and Father like figure. This is a day to honoring fathers or the person who is not less that a father, A fathers contribution and influence in our lives is very much evident, he always plays an important role in making our life and on this day it’s our turn to let them know that how much they mean to us. Everyone has different ways to celebrate father’s day. Some people spend their whole day with their dad, take them out, make them feel relax and spend a quality time with them, while others give him gifts or Fathers day greeting cards. But above all, one should send him a message with Fathers day wishes. receiving beautiful wishes from his son will make him feel special and happy, after all it’s their day. keeping this in mind we are sharing with you some Fathers day images and quotes. we know there are people who want to express their love with fathers day shayari and by creating a whatsapp story of Fathers day status. Find all kind of images and messages below. Happy Fathers day. 

fathers day wishes

My dad is the greatest man
I have ever known.
and i am so proud to call him mine.
Happy father’s day.

fathers day shayari

पापा एक दिन क्या आपके नाम कर दूं,
एक बार कह दो तो
अपनी जान आपके नाम करदूं..
आपनें ही तो इन सासां को जिन्दगी दी है
आप के होने से ही मेरी पहचान बनी है..!!

Fathers day wishes

Send best father’s day wishes to your Dad on this special day, and make him feel so special. Wishing your father is a way to tell him that you love him so much and he means to you so much. Now a day almost everyone’s dad is on Social media like whatsapp, you can directly send these wishes to him by pressing the image for a second and share on whatsapp.

fathers day wishes

Thanks for been my Father.
you have been a source of Inspiration
And motivation to me all these Years.
I can never wish for a Better Father Than you.
Happy Fathers Day

fathers day wishes

You are the most loving Dad ever,
Love you Dad for everything
you have given me.
Happy Father’s Day!!

father's day wishes with image

You are not just my Dad.
You are one of my Best Friends.
And i want you to know that
I love you, DAD. !!Happy father’s day!!

Fathers day Status

Creating a whatsapp story on every event has now become a trend. We know on this Father’s day, you would also want to update your story with some beautiful status. Find below images and text for Father’s day status. update your Whatsapp status or Facebook status with these beautiful lines on Fathers.

  • Any man can be a father, but it takes a special person to be a dad. Happy Father’s Day 2018.

  • The greatest gift I ever had come from God; I call him Dad! Happy Father’s Day !

  • Dad, Thank you for your guidance, your strength and for always being there for me. Happy Father’s Day 

  • Happy Fathers Day to the man who’s the best DAD 365 days a year.

  • F.A.T.H.E.R.S.
    “F” faithful.
    “A” lays there.
    “T” trustworthy.
    “H” honoring.
    “E” very-loving.
    “R” righteous.
    “S” supportive

fathers day status

ना हो तो रोती है ज़िदें, ख्वाहिशों का ढेर होता है;
पिता है तो हमेशा बच्चों का दिल शेर होता है।
!!Happy Father’s Day!!

fathers day status

पापा आप मेरा वो गुरूर हैं,
जो कोई भी कभी भी नहीं तोड़ सकता !!
हैप्पी फादर्स डे

fathers day status

My father is my teacher.
But most importantly.. He is a great Dad.
Happy father’s day.

Happy Fathers day people. We believe that wishing your father on this day is special. but don’t just wish them or update your status, Rather try to make him feel special by taking him out and spend the whole day with him. We know some Dad’s are very angry and never talk to you politely, but deep down they love their children so much and he is the one who will always be with you, no matter what the situation would be. You know our father is the most experienced person, as he has lived his life, and just because he would scold us for the first 5 minutes, we avoid talking to him. Our dad’s are the one who can give us the best advice for our life.  We hope you enjoyed these beautiful father’s day images and messages, but also do something that make your father feel proud.

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