Eid ul adha mubarak video status, bakra eid status video

At first let us wish you eid ul adha mubarak. The second most famous and biggest festival of muslims. Here we create a collection for you on eid ul adha video status, download and update your bakra eid whatsapp status video. The day is also known as bakra eid, as muslims sacrifice the male goat on this occasion then divide its meat into 3 parts. one for self, one to distribute in poor and helpless and last part for relatives.  The reason behind dividing parts is to make sure that no one left out on the opportunity to feast upon the scarified animal’s meat. There is also a sacred story behind celebrating bakra eid festival.

Eid ul adha mubarak Videos

Har musalman ko is jamin par eid mubarak ho.. video song status

kurbani karunga, main to kurbani karunga.. Allah ka banda hun, use raazi karunga.
Beautiful eid mubarak song video

Bakra eid video status

Bakra eid mubarak. the celebration starts with Eid namaz. there is few rules related to sacrifice, as small animal, handicapped and weak animals can not be sacrificed. and the sacrifice activity should not be performed before the namaz. if an animal is cut before the namaz, the sacrifice is not accepted by the allah.  In arab countries people sacrifice camel and other animals, but in India, a male got is sacrificed on this day, That is why the festival is called bakra eid in India.

Bakra eid special whatsapp status video

Hope you enjoyed the videos above. All the videos are related to eid ul adha and bakra eid, which can be used as a whatsapp video status or facebook status. Wish your relatives and other people eid ul adha mubarak by uploading a video as your status for the entire day.

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