Brain Teaser mobile games: Top 4 mobile games for brain exercise

India has found its place in the list of top 5 online mobile gaming countries. It is evident, that mobile games has become favorite of all generation. Playing games online not only keep you busy in your free time, But it is a good source of brain exercise. Specialists believe that brain teaser mobile games helps developing new skills in people like problem solving, decision making and creative thinking. Brain games also gives you a chance to test your brain capability. If you also want to play some brain games online, Find below the list of top games for best brain exercise-

Brain games online

Real Chess :

Chess has been knowing for best brain exercise for ages. But it’s virtual variant can gives you a unique experience. Real chess is a 3D Virtual Chess, which you can play with any user sitting in any corner of the world and also talk to them. This mobile game can be downloaded in Android mobile phones.

Unblock me Free : unblock me free brain gameThis is a logic based puzzle game, you can play in an IOS and android  phone. In this game, you have to make the path for red blocks by moving the wooden blocks. The less you make moves, the more you obtain stars. There are 16,000 puzzles with different difficulty levels. This will surely keep you busy for so many times.

Tricky test 2 :

This is the very interesting game, You will be asked few easy questions, which answers are also easy. But for this you have to stress your brain. These All tricky questions are related to a trick, which answers are present in front of you eyes, but despite, you have to accept your defeat, because many people fail to apply tricks.  If you have a little free time and want to test out you brain capability, you must download and play this game.


This is a brain game and brain training  game application with more than 30 games, which challenge your speed, flexibility, memory, attention and problem solving skills. This game simply increases the capability of the brain.

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