Motivational thoughts in Hindi – to push you to chase your dreams of Life.

Nobody can deny the fact that motivation is necessary to achieve any goals in life, thought motivation comes from within and nothing can propel you to achieve your dreams in life unless you yourself decide. However motivational thoughts play a vital role in changing our mind in a positive way. It circulate positive energy inside our brain and give us an optimistic view to see things. Keeping this in mind we bring for you motivational thoughts in Hindi. These thoughts are compilation of best positive thoughts from the famous personalities. hope these will help you to overcome any failure of life and give you energy to start off with full enthusiasm. 

Motivational thoughts in Hindi

Whatever we think, we become. You must be aware of the fact that our mind always follow our words. That is why one need to be positive all the time, because we speak what we feel and thus we become the same. Try to be motivated throughout the day, week or for years and you will see, how success comes your way. Find below best motivational thoughts in Hindi, which will help you stay positive and inspired. 

1.  सफल जिंदगी जीने के लिए आपको गलती हो जाने के डर को खोना पड़ेगा।


thoughts in hindi

absolutely Right. if you really want to live a creative and successful life, then you must lose the fear of being wrong.  No body is perfect and nobody knows everything. we learn from our mistakes past experiences. Nobody comes with complete knowledge about things. You can ask your elders, successful contacts, they will tell you how many times they failed while trying something new. Mistakes are integral part of the road which leads to success. Without making mistakes you can not learn anything new. A famous author once said- If you are not making any mistakes, you are probably at the wrong path. 

2. हमारे सारे सपने हकीकत हो सकते है, अगर हम उनके पीछे भागने का साहस पैदा कर लें।  


motivational thoughts in hindi

Yes! You read that right. Your all dreams can come true, if we somehow mustered the courage to follow them. You know this is a bitter truth that even if we see huge dreams but we never follow them because it seems very big and impossible to us. Why do we not show some courage towards a dream which we have seen. After all it’s our dreams and we should make all possible efforts to pursue our dreams.

3.  आपकी सोच उन पांच लोगों पर निर्भर करती है, जिनके साथ आप सबसे ज्यादा समय बिताते हो।  

There is a saying – “You are the sum of the 5 people you spend your most time with”. Means with whom you are spending your most time decide what you will become. Because their influence somewhere dominate us in some ways. So think before giving your important time to people. Make sure you spend your time with quality people who push you towards your goals instead of simply gossiping and wasting time.

Positive thoughts in Hindi

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4. यदि आप अपने जीवन के लिए कोई प्लान नहीं बनाते हैं, तो कोई दूसरा आपको अपने प्लान का हिस्सा बना लेगा।


And guess what? will he make any plan for your life? No! he will only use you to achieve their goals and you will remain the same. That is why always have a plan for your life and start working on it, instead of fulfilling others plan. There are so many people who is looking for aimless people. Your time and efforts are more important for them than you.

5. लोग जीवन में हार जाते है, इसका महत्वपूर्ण कारण है की वे अपने दोस्तों और रिश्तेदारों की ज्यादा सुनते है, और खुद को नजरअंदार करते है।


good thoughts in Hindi

Never let others opinion dominate your mind, Always listen to your inner voice and heart. Yes you should take advice from your relatives and friends but final decision should be yours, after all it is your life thus the decision should be yours. Analyse the suggestions and opinions of others and then make decision. Do what you feel is right. Never suppress your desires of doing something you always wanted.

6. मेरे अनुभव में, प्रेरणा का स्त्रोत केवल एक ही है और वह है आपकी इच्छा – Jane Smiley 


There is a quote of Jane smiley which explain that there is no better motivation source available than your desire. If you have the desire to get something, You will do it for sure, No matter how hard you have to try. You only need motivation, if your desire is not strong. Make a desire and you will find yourself inspired. 

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Above we have shared best motivational thoughts in Hindi, hope these thoughts will surely change your mind and help you in changing your life. Because as we say life changes when you change your mind. Always be positive and look towards any situation positively and be optimized about future. Explore our website for more positive thoughts. 

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