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Missing someone is natural. But letting them know that you are missing them is a bit difficult and complex. Today we are sharing with you missing you status in hindi, which will help you to tell your lover, friend, brother, sister and any other person that you are missing them. Many time suddenly we start missing someone who is close to us, and it has nothing to do with our mood or situation. If you are very close and attached to someone special, they can come into your mind anytime and you feel like talking to them or wanting to meet them. But that time it might not possible to meet or talk, but we desperately want to tell them about your feelings. That is why we are today sharing with you ‘i miss you status’ for whatsapp’.

miss you status

Feel relaxed, as we bring for you best miss you status for whatsapp, by using these status, you can easily tell your special contact that how much and how badly you are missing them. There is nothing wrong if you suddenly start thinking about someone close to you.

miss you love status

जिसको याद कर के आप रो रहे हो,
वो किसी और को खुश करने में व्यस्त है।

miss you status hindi

किसी को क्या बताएं कि
कितने मजबूर है हम,
चाहा था तुमको, और अब
तुम्ही से दूर है हम
I miss you.

miss you status

तुम्हारे बगैर ये वक़्त, ये दिन और ये रात
गुजर तो जाते है, मगर
गुजारे नहीं जाते।

miss you whatsapp status

इक अजीब सी बेताबी है,
तेरे बिन रह भी लेते है, और
रहा भी नहीं जाता।

missing you whatsapp status

If you are really missing someone, put a story on whatsapp now with these miss you lines and tell them indirectly that how much you are thinking about them. You know, we should never repress our feelings for someone, If we do so, it hurts only us from deep inside and we feel sorry for us. This sometime lower our confidence and self esteem. It is always important to express your desire or feeling to those, who is responsible for it.

A day without you is always incomplete. Miss you.

When I Close My Eyes, I See You. When I Open My My Eyes, I Miss You.

When Your Mood Is Not Good Without Any Reason, You Are Definitely Missing Someone.

I Miss The Sound Of Your Voice. I Miss You Baby.

It’s good to miss someone sometimes, even if it hurts your heart.

I pretend that I don’t care, but it makes me miss you more.

I Planned To Say All These Terrible Things To You, But In The End, I Just Want To Tell You, I Miss You.

I love you for no reason but I miss you for so many reason…

I miss you… and you don’t even realize I will love you forever. Even if you don’t love me back.

It is observed that in some particular situation, we think about people more, If we feel lonely, we start missing the one whom we like and love. If we are in a happy and party mood, we miss our friends and other close people in a good and positive way. And if people are deeply hurt and in a sad state of mind, they start missing either their love or their family kind of people. Whatsapp provide you an amazing way to communicate your feelings to your contacts through it’s status feature. And when it’s about missing someone, we should make the most of this feature. By updating your miss you status, you can make them realize about your feelings and without getting panic or talking to them directly.

we will update this post with new missing status, visit this page again for new update.

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