Whatsapp status tips: Secretly view anyone’s status without their knowledge

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Recently whatsapp upgrade it’s status feature which allows us to upload photos and video as our whatsapp status. do you know Whats App status is the most exciting and interesting feature in the entire app and almost everyone update their status on regular basis with images, any random thoughts, quotes or with video. updating status is exciting but what is more exciting is to watch that who have viewed your status.

As soon as somebody update their status, he  curiously checks who all have visited their status and at what time. we know that as soon as we view somebody’s status, the person will be aware of it. But sometimes we don’t view our friends story just to avoid our name in the list of viewed people as we don’t want them to know we have viewed their status. but there is a solution to it. we are telling you the trick which help you secretly view anyone’s status without letting them know.

Whatsapp Status secret tricks

Simply Go to whatsapp setting> Account>Privacy, and Find below ‘read recipient’. All you need to do is uncheck the read recipient box, by doing this if you view your friends status story, they won’t be able to know it. whatsapp status tricks

What is read recipient: When you enable this feature by checking the box, you allow your friends to know that you have read their message or chat by showing them a blue tick, right after you view their message on whatsapp. Simply when you unchecked this option, people won’t be able to know, if you have read their message, as their double click won’t convert into blue ticks.

But keep in mind once you uncheck your read recipient, you won’t be able to see who view your stories as well. Also it disable your feature of viewing other’s blue tick as well.

Best advice is when somebody upload a whatsapp story, which you wish to view without their knowledge, simply unchecked the read recipient by going into privacy setting and then view the status without any doubt. After viewing, again enable the read recipient feature. This is the best whatsapp tips.

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