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Tik tok taking action against Hot videos after Ban! Bad news for tik tok users

Tik tok, one of the most popular video applications in the world. It is available in 150 countries in 75 different languages and have around 50,00,000,00 monthly active users. Tik Tok got banned in India recently after a controversial video. Though existing user can still use the application to upload and watch videos but new user can not download it from play stores.

Bad News for Tik Tok users. Watch the video Here:-

Tik tok has said in a statement that we are reviewing each video uploaded on app and if found against our community guideline than we would remove those videos without giving user any warning. Having said that, Tik tok has removed over 60 Lakhs video so far from the application, because they were violating the community standard of Tik Tok.

There are millions of videos on this application and hundreds of video getting uploaded everyday, some of them are vulgar and can not be seen with family. For user safety tik tok has set some rules of using the app that less than 13 year of child will not be able to access the application and also they have set some community guideline for videos. Company is very strict against violation of those guideline and removing videos without giving any warning to the user.

Though tik tok has assured users of India that they will be back on the play store soon and they are in talks with the court. What is your opinion about this ban and tik tok app. Do you want this to be banned from India or you want to see it back in the app store. Comment below.

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