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Tik Tok video, Top trending and most popular musically app videos

Tik Tok app videos are the new sensation in the world of Internet. One of the most popular short video application Tik Tok formally known as musically which is available in 150 countries in 75 different languages has more than 500 million users and interestingly all are very active.

Users open the app 5 to 10 times in a day to watch the uploaded videos or to upload their own video. Some of the users are very popular and has millions of views on their videos. Find below some of the best, trending and popular videos which are viral and has lot of views.

Tik Tok video

This application is basically for the entertainment, but people are not only becoming famous but they are getting fame and name through this app. Since some of the young users have become internet sensation and appeared in web series, The platform has managed to attract more users.

Why people make tik tok videos ?

This entertainment and time pass application has become so viral that there are millions of young students has their account and they all are following each other in some ways. Basically Tik Tok has become a platform to showcase talent one has, weather it is dancing talent, acting talent or singing talent.

All users are showing their talent by making unique videos on tik tok and sharing it with their followers in a hope that they will get notice and will become popular overnight.

Funny Tik tok videos

Most videos on this application are funny which can make you laugh, because user open the app when they are free and want to change their mood and feel good,

so they want to watch good fun stuff. That is why we can see hundreds of Funny short videos by users, and many of them has so many views, likes and shares. Presenting few funny videos compilation which was uploaded and created on Tik tok.

Popular star Zubair funny videos compilation. 

Duplicate Bollywood Stars tik tok funny videos

as we said earlier, there is no dearth of talent in India. Watch own very own bollywood superstar duplicates creating video in their style, body language and dialogue delivery.

We know you want to watch more videos as there are umpteen number of clips on the application, but here are only selective and best videos we have shared with you to entertain you. we will add more videos soon with download option as well. please come back soon.

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