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Happy friendship day. how to celebrate friendship day- ideas and to do list


Hello friends. Happy friendship day in advance.  As you know friendship day is coming next week, And we all are excited to welcome the friends day which falls on every first Sunday of August month. Definitely this is one of the most important and special day for friends, because this day is dedicated to friendship, And we don’t deem it necessary to explain the importance of friendship here. You must be making plans on how to celebrate the friendship day. But most of us remain confused on what to do on this day? Today we are going to get you rid of your confusion and tell you tips and things to do on friendship day to enjoy to the fullest and make the most of the day.

Friendship day celebration ideas | things to do

Friendship day is a day of friends and we must celebrate this with all our old, new, close and far friends, We would say try to make your enemy your friend on this day. Find below best ideas to enjoy this special day.

Group gossiping : It would be unfair, if you don’t invite all your friends at one place together. Let’s have a get together of all your close friends group, who used to be hang out together a long time ago. Make plans with all your school friends, college friends or old office friends to come together at one place and spend a quality time for 2 to 3 hours together, talking and chatting about good old days. Trust us this could be the best day of your friendship life, and you will enjoy this more than you used to with this group earlier.

Long Drive: This is fun, Remember those long ride or drive with friends, you used to go on, when you all were together before. Let’s revive those old days by making plans on going for a long ride, this can be on bikes, or in a car together. If you are 4-5 friends. you can go by car, the best thing that you can talk and create fun inside of a moving car, while eating and drinking something. But on friendship day the weather is going to be very pleasant because of the rainy season, This is a great excuse to go on a bike ride with few friends.

Late night party:  Perhaps, you can not get best excuse to party late night than friendship day. This day meet all your all friends in a cafe or restaurant in evening and make plan for a late night party. You can choose to go to any nearby pub or disk as well. Enjoy the drinks and dancing there followed by dinner outside.

Night Out together: Let’s plan a night out together, this can be at your friend’s room, flat or outside in someone’s farm house. If any of your friend have a farm house, away from your homes, this can be the best possible fun on this day. But if you don’t have one, hire on rent for a night. carry food items, beverages and other games along with you and enjoy the full night with your close friends.

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